About CoRP

About Us: City of Recovery Press

City of Recovery Press was founded formally in April of 2009, but its roots go back a lot further, to ideas and thoughts and conversations between great and creative minds across the world.

Our name:

City of Recovery was born in Dundee, Scotland. The city is also known as ‘City of Discovery’ because of its role in world history and, more specifically, the fact that it is here where the famous ship ‘Discovery’ is docked.

However, residents of Dundee will be less aware of the city’s history and exploratory significance that its squalor and depravity. In Dundee, the nights are spent mired in drink and drugs, while the days are spent recovering.

Our Goal:

Our goal is primarily to publish literary fiction and creative (that is to say ‘intelligent, different’) non-fiction. Of course, this is surely the goal of many publishers, though sadly not all. We care more about making an impact upon the future of the written word than our bank balance. Therefore, while we will consider manuscripts by established and represented writers, we are more interested in mining the ignored and untapped resource of unpublished writers with wild ideas.

We want to take the original spirit of Beat Generation literature, in the form it took before being used and warped by the media, and create a generation of readers and writers for whom books are more than stories. These books will be judged not by their potential for movie adaptations or Christian/family friendly book reviews. These books will be judged by their daring, wild prose and their fantastic ideas.


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